This post is to my WordPress buddies….join me at my new domain

This post is for you fellow WordPress buddy!

Firstly a BIG thank you for following Feeding the Friedlanders – I mean that sincerely, blogger to blogger. And if you aren’t a WordPress follower and reading this post I am thankful to you too – so no need to feel left out 🙂

Important stuff – Please subscribe to my posts on my new blog

As you might know if you blog yourself, when you move onto a customised domain from free domain, you don’t automatically bring your wordpress followers with you to the new site Email and wordpress followers have to re-subscribe to the new site.

…I don’t want to lose you guys!

I would love for you to keep following my posts on my new blog, so I need your help to resubscribe over there. So please come on over and subscribe. I’d also love to hear what you think about the new site, the good, the bad, and what you think I could do more of. Don’t be shy.

See you there, Elaine aka Mrs Freeloader


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