Black eyed bean and sausage one-pot (and meal plan)

black eyed bean and sausage one-pot

Yes Will.I.Am and Fergie, tonight was a good night…kiddies ate all their dinner (eventually) AND I got to bed early, albeit in my son’s bed, and it was a more a case of dozing off balanced precariously on the side of his bed. Parenting eh, you gotta take it as it comes.

Inspired by the organic food row in NTUC Finest @Bukit Timah Plaza, I purchased some black eyed beans today and had the forethought to boil them in advance for a hearty one-pot dinner.  I also  cooked up a vat of tomato, garlic and onion sauce using one of my immense 1.5kg cans of tinned tomatoes.

14 month old baby sitting next to tin of canned tomatoes

Baby to scale! 1.5kg tin of tomatoes from GIANT

The kids literally got their hands dirty and enjoyed pulping up the whole tomatoes for the sauce. So into the giant pan went approximately 200g of pre-cooked (till tender) black eyed beans, 6 halved pan-fried sausages, and 5 or so big ladles of tomato sauce (seasoned with sea salt and dried oregano). Simmer for 5-10 minutes and serve sprinkled with a little fresh parsley for the adults! FYI, the best place to buy fresh parsley and mint is the wholesale fruit and veg market. I get two large handfuls of each for $1.

pulping canned whole tomatoespulping whole canned tomatoes second image



Best news is the remainder of the sauce is frozen in two more dinner portions for making spaghetti bolognese, and secret seven tomato sauce for pizza later this week. Life just got a little easier.

Meal plan for this week is…

Day one – Black eyed beans and sausage one pot
Day two – Saffron chicken – a la Ariana Bundy
Day three – Creamy chicken (use left over chicken), spinach and roasted squash pasta
Day four – Spaghetti Bolognese
Day five – Home-made Pizza (using home-made dough and my secret seven tomato pasta sauce for the base)




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