Elaine aka Mrs Freeloader

Elaine at favourite chilli crab restaurant

Hello everyone and welcome to  my life feeding the Friedlanders.

I live in Singapore with my husband and three kids, Juliet (4), Adam (2 almost 3) and Marcus (1 year). Having spent my formative years in Singapore as an expat teen (where and when I met my hubby) our recent move back here has been a homecoming. It’s good to be back and the street food tastes as delicious as always.

I have always liked to bake and make things. My daughter likes cooking (mainly cupcakes at the moment)… My husband and middle son love to eat – so we are a good team!

Being a mum I have to be creative with food and life in general! I try to think of food that tastes good, is healthy and keeps all of us entertained.

I am also a greenie and an entrepreneur at heart. Pre-kids I founded UK online-eco store Pure Design selling ethical and eco home and gift ware. I even won a Future100 Award in 2008 in recognition of my business. I met so many fantastic people on that journey; all the designer makers I had the pleasure to represent, and business gurus such as Emmanuel Noirhomme and Rachel Elnaugh who advised me.

I’m creative and never afraid of a challenge…I do professional face painting, I made my own wedding cake, gutted and re-landscaped my back garden once, spent a day ‘accidentally’ temping as a chef, I even did door-to-door double-glazing sales to fund my university years, and started my own business from scratch… guess it’s no wonder I took on the challenge of three kids within four years! Life is certainly never dull.

And right now… I a blogger. So without further ado, here are a few recipes, meal plans and tips on where to get your hands on great food and products that I share with my friends, and now with you.

Please share you comments and ideas with me – and feel free to tweet, pin, facebook, Tumblr and share stuff from my blog with your friends (please just tell them where you got it from!)


3 thoughts on “Elaine aka Mrs Freeloader

      • I know!! I’m pretty much a pro expat gangsta rapper, am I right lah??

        Thanks for your sweetness re my Look. You are spot on: sophisticated. Amen. I’m so blessed to be a natural redhead.

        Now go feed those Friedlanders!

        Much ❤ & apprec
        EJ x


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