Fun Stuff for Families

Gardens by The Bay

St Georges Moms & Tots Group
Joining this playgroup made the BIGGEST difference to my social life and was the basis for my expat moms network in Singapore. I made and still make new friends, the kids have fun, I heard about other playgroups, places and things to do from moms I met here. Emma and her team who run the group could not be more welcoming. A must for any newbie expatriate moms in Singapore. As an agnostic atheist I will add that I have never felt excluded or pressured attending this group despite its religious basis. Plus it’s a very reasonable $80 per term, which includes basic refreshments for kids and moms.

Pitter Chatter Playgroup @ British Club
As the organiser of the group, I really had to mention it! Our playgroup runs Thurs mornings, 10-1130, and is open to members and non-members (aka guests). You need to book in advance, especially non-members as you can’t enter the club without a member signing you in. We welcome mums, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles and of course, babies and toddlers are aged 0-2.5 years. We do a bit of coffee drinking, chatting, singing nursery rhymes, and free play. Every now and then we have a guest (e.g. baby massage teacher) or we do something like hand prints for a giant Easter egg competition! Email if you are interested in joining us.

Singapore Zoo
We are members so go regularly for a few hours each time. With kids, the whole zoo can be a bit too much, so we just walk clockwise or anti-clockwise to the splash park stopping on the way. Early mornings are best as its cooler, quieter and you see the animals having their breakfast. Don’t miss the snake house, its not as busy as other parts, really peaceful and shady….if you don’t mind the snakes!

Singapore Cable Car
You can get annual family membership which includes free entry with a car to Sentosa and as much cable car joy riding as you like. Spend some quality time together up and away from the crowds.

Botanical Gardens
Great early morning, or late afternoon when it’s a bit cooler. We do scooting round the bamboo garden, eco lake and by ‘the giant flower’. Picnics on Sunday by swan lake are very popular too. And there is always Jacob Ballos children’s garden to explore (fyi no scooting in there)… Gardens closed Mondays.

West Coast Playground and Park
An utterly fantastic park/playground for big and small kids. You can do everything here, slide, scoot, swing, kick, run, ride, fly (kites), picnic, camp, eat (McDs) and more….

Jurong Branch National Library – Children’s Library
A great library for kids. Dress up clothes and reading areas especially for kids on the basement floor amongst shelves and shelves of kids books. No need to worry about kids being too noisy as there are just more other kids!

Garden’s by The Bay Domes and Splash Park
A relatively new attraction in Singapore located near Marina Bay Sands hotel, the Flyer, ArtScience museum and Marina Bay ‘Shoppes’, their word, not mine! Gardens By the Bay is a great place to stroll around. It can get really hot though for kids, so I would recommend visiting the splash park or cloud garden (a climate controlled giant glasshouse with waterfall, (child safe) sky (walk) ways, a random miniature railway and lots of cloud rain forest vegetation. It’s cool in all senses. The best food in my opinion is that served at Satay by The Bay food court which is within the park, about 5-10 mins walk from the ticket office. Tasty, easy and affordable. Only grumble is the lack of baby change facilities there.

Singapore Science Centre

Kranji Famer’s Markets

Fidgets Indoor Soft Play Centre, Turf City
Free parking at the Grandstand, Giant supermarket and James the Butcher’s downstairs, and they serve really tasty cappuccino. Plus free wifi! During the week, before 12 its pretty quiet as long as it isn’t national children’s day, on which all the preschools in the area come here – run!!!!! Remember your socks. Play pass for 6 or 7 sessions is cheapest way to do it if you come regularly.


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