….”It’s hotter than a snake’s arse in a wagon rut”

Love this film, must watch it again soon.

It’s a sweltering week already in Singapore and according to the papers it’s going to be the hottest April (for…well for  a while!)

A top tip from me to you on where to go to keep your cool in Singapore… Splish Splash Parks!

Gardens by The Bay Singapore splash park

Gardens By The Bay

You really need kids for this one or you seriously risk looking suspicious. Splash parks are plentiful in Singapore. Free splash parks can be found at Gardens by The Bay, Jacob Ballas Garden @ Botanic Gardens, in Jurong at Westgate by their Wonderland rooftop playground, at Vivo City next to all the kids shops on the 2nd Floor, to name but a few… There are also great ones inside paying attractions like KidzWorld @ Singapore Zoo, Singapore Science Centre, Birdz of Play @Bird Park, and the Port of Lost Wonder on Sentosa Palawan Beach. Please let me know if you see our giant Pitter Chatter Painted Egg there!

I love splash parks as the kids have a ball and the risk of drowning seems less to me than a pool – especially important when you have three kids under four years old! Plus there is usually an ice-cream or coffee bar located nearby.


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