What a Mezze! Meal Plan and Recipes

dinner party with friends

Dinner party’s are such fun and whilst lots of work, nothing beats feeding an appreciative crowd. I often turn to the queens of cookery for inspiring dinner party dishes, and did again to food temptress Nigella Lawson and the original bad girl Martha Stewart for Saturday. There was enough food to make a whole week’s meal plan out of – no joke! So my lovely readers… break it down!

cucumber pomegranate salad

Cucumber and Pomegranate Salad

deseeding a cucumber

Day one – Lemon and Herb Pork Chops, Fatoush and Nutty Quinoa
Day two – Baba Ganoush, Red Kidney Bean Dip, Olives, Pomegranate & Cucumber Salad, and Pitta
Day three – Oven Roasted Sea Bass with Potatoes, Red Pepper, Anchovies and Garlic (this is Rick Stein’s actually… )
Day four – Chocolate Ganache Tart with Chewy Citroen Base (who’s even thinking about the main with this dessert on the horizon?!!) Do my Vertigo Burgers if you are stuck for ideas 😉
Day five- Sweet Potato and Pork Mild Nonya Curry (made with remaining uncooked pork from day one)

Thank you Martha

Thank you Martha


2 thoughts on “What a Mezze! Meal Plan and Recipes

  1. Love your posts, great info and recipes I am actually serving the cucumber and pomegranate salad tonight, I thought it was a fantastic simple idea so refreshing. I have also taken the link for the chocolate tart – who does not love chocolate?? Thanks


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