20% off Sale at Lemon Zest this weekend. Special Cookery Shop, Chip Bee Gardens

shop window cookery display

Lemon Zest, Chip Bee Gardens (opposite Holland Village Shopping Centre)

Holland Village isn’t the easiest place to negotiate with a double buggy BUT it is where you will find Lemon Zest, heaven for home chefs!

I was looking for a frilly apron to wear to my restaurant blogger’s review night (as you do)…. and, something unusual to hand out as a business card. Well, I discovered Lemon Zest, and I found a brilliant floral half pinny with pocket and some fantastic printed wooden disposable spoons that ‘served’ the purpose (chuckle). Middle son, who is the bull in our family’s proverbial china shop, was sleeping, so I took full advantage and snooped around the delectable range of accessories and books. Of course I ‘needed’ everything I saw, but managed to curb my spend to what I came looking for plus some top notch loaf tins. They are heavy duty pans, dishwasher safe, the works, and they performed brilliantly on their baking debut for my split tin loaves. I am going back this weekend to Lemon Zest for some scales – mine is simply too small!

Beth the owner of Lemon Zest was a fountain of knowledge and showed me some of the accessories Lemon Zest alone carries for cooks in Singapore, for example the Kilner Hand Butter Churns.


Beth was also very proud of the cookery book section, which she had every right to be, it trumped plenty of cookery sections I’ve visited in the larger book stores. The photo below only shows one side of the display…this x2….

cookery books at lemon zest shop, holland village

Lemon Zest is located opposite Holland Village Shopping Centre in Chip Been Gardens (would have been directly behind the old post office before the MRT moved in, for those of you who have been around in Singapore for a few years!) It’s a bit hidden behind the rather large construction site on that corner, but persevere it is worth finding. The range is really big, and I’d recommend Lemon Zest whether you are looking for some accessories for a kids party, or you are REALLY serious about your cooking and baking. There are books, aprons, jam-making equipment, silicone bake ware, top quality pans, mixers, mincers, and grillers/toaster/waffle makers all-in-one.  Just ask Beth!

This weekend (25/26 April) Lemon Zest are offering 20% off all cookery books and you’ll get a FREE Kilner Jam Spoon with every spend over $50.

Colourful cookware at Lemon Zest cookery shop @Holland Village


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