AirAsia cheap flights…We thought, Phuket…let’s go!

baby looking out of plane window at cloudsSawadee ka! This week’s meal plan comes to you from the island of Phuket, Thailand. It’s Easter school holidays in Singapore and it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss, so here we are. We are self-catering so there’s been a little bit of cooking as well as some delicious and delightful meals out. Day one we popped to Tesco’s to stock up on nappies, other essentials i.e. wine and baby formula. The Tesco is a hypermarket and in the ‘foyer’ there are several other shops, a food court and a soft play area. So for £5 (S$10) we all had lunch…chicken fried rice, chicken rice, pad thai omelette, rice and 2 curries… and the kids got to play for about 2 hours whilst mummy did supermarket sweep. The food was fantastic, freshly prepared, hot and tasty. I’m afraid I got half way through my Pad Thai (glass noodle) omelette before I thought to take a piccie.

pad thai omelette


Beach restaurant ‘Tony’s’ on Laiyan Beach was perfect for the kids, food a bit pricier then Tesco but then they are catering for tourists from neighboring Laguna (Banyan Tree Hotel, Dusa Thani hotels…). All in (2 adults, 2 tots and a baby) with beer it cost about £40 (S$90). The kids got to play in the sand and we all got to admire the beautiful sunset. Now it really feels like a holiday.

20150411 iPhone 128

So this week’s meal plan has to be Thai inspired. I have included links to recipes but you can always go for takeout, or for those reader’s lucky enough to be in Singapore check out those AirAsia bargains!

Day one – Pad Thai Omelettes served with crunchy green salad and lime dressing
Day two – Thai green curry (use my recipe and leave out chilli for kids)
Day three – Chicken Satay with peanut sauce, Shrimp cakes and Green Papaya salad (salad for adults as spicy)
Day four – Sticky BBQ ribs, wedges and coleslaw (sliced apple, raisin and grated carrot for kids)
Day five – Massaman beef curry (mild) and chocolate banana pancakes for pudding!

View of Tony's beach restaurant phuket


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