Easter Chez Elaine; Rum Steak and Pina Coladas

view out to sea from flower cave barbados

Ahhh Easter in Barbados. Wouldn’t that be nice? Just reminiscing about a wonderful honeymoon spent in the Caribbean six rather busy years ago having just celebrated an anniversary with Mr Friedlander. Which I hasten to add we celebrated by dining at Clifford Pier @ Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore – highly recommended.

Whilst we won’t be in Barbados this Easter, life in Singapore is pretty good and I’m certain I’ll be tucking into some good grub and quite possibly (definitely!) a rum cocktail over the Easter weekend. Thinking about Barbados I realise I haven’t cooked from my Caribbean cook book for ages! So just had a flick through and found some of my favorites that I’ve dropped into this week’s plan. Don’t forget all of the recipes are best cooked cocktail in hand – and lucky for us Jamie has come up with a pukka YouTube cocktail channel!

Day one –  Rum Steaks (…get in the dark rum in preparation!)
Day two – Spiced Beetroot and Feta Tartlets – not Caribbean but a new recipe for me as I bought beetroot at the market. Photos to follow.
Day three – BBQ or Roasted Rolled Lamb Leg and Hoppin John (rice – recipe to follow) and Green Salad
Day four – Salmon in Coconut and Coriander with Sweet Potato Wedges
Day five – Sausages and Beans Caribbean Hot Pot


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