Fun-in-a-box! Spark imaginative play the easy way with MyMessyBox

mymessybox sensory playbox

A product review of MyMessyBox. My 4 and 2 year old helped me and no gold or silver has crossed our palms!.Special Reader’s Offer from MyMessyBox at the end of this review…

“is designed to bring messy-sensory play into your own home with play tools and materials that encourage sensory exploration. It provides our children, who are natural explorers, with the opportunity for observation and manipulation through a hands-on learning experience. It’s a great way for children to engage their senses and learn through exploration, discovery and meaningful play.”


mymessybox kids play box

A bit like Christmas gifts, MyMessyBox and a Premium ToolKit were delivered somewhat magically to our house and left waiting to be discovered on the dining room table. Once spied by the kids, the boxes were surrounded and eager hands began to pick at the cellophane wrapping. I managed to get two toddler toilet trips by way of bartering the opening of MyMessyBox, which is a result in our house. Clearly MyMessyBox was valued by the kids as highly intriguing.

So off with the cellophane and open the box….

instructions for using mymessybox

Oooohhh…I then attempted to read some of the flyers which explain what’s inside MyMessyBox. Meanwhile the children swiftly removed all of the black packets containing the activity sets and demanded they be opened and “what is it mummy?”.

To heighten curiosity each activity session is separately wrapped up. And a little like a, [ah-hem], delivery from an ‘adult’ shop, the activity accessories were packaged in discrete black bags. The kids were beside themselves frantic by this stage to get into the opaque packets and the eldest had gone off to get mummy’s sharp kitchen scissors. Mindful mummy then intervened, got the scissors, opened said packages and dispensed them into the large Tupperware box we received with the Premium Toolkit. The Premium Toolkit is very useful – do order yourselves one of these if you can. I’d also recommend the sibling add-on which means two of the key ingredients and less fighting!

Like lancing a boil, the outpouring of MyMessyBox’s contents brought quiet relief to the table as the children gazed appreciatively over the new contents of our ‘treasure box’.




Magnifying glass comes in the Premium Toolkit

And so we picked up our tools, mini-rakes, diggers, measuring cups, mini-pipettes, sieves and tweezers and started to poke about our macaroni-shell-fusilli ‘sand/pasta’ to discover the treasures hidden underneath. Our treasures included dried broad beans, cinnamon sticks, plastic dinosaur skeletons and more. Here is an audio recording of me and the kids setting up our treasure box and digging around exploring its contents, click here to listen. Apologies for my husky voice – just a bit of a cold passing through.

photo of my messy dining room covered in contents of mymessybox


After we had finished poking about and our treasure box had given up its contents to the floor…we moved onto the next ‘Active’ play activity which was creating your own dinosaur scene using the dinosaurs and other bits in the Exploration pack, and a few of our own improvised additions; leaves, grass, pebbles etc. The kids really enjoyed this bit as it was down from the table, outside, and a chance for them to run around imagining there were dinosaurs in the garden. At least 2 hours worth of fun was had.



The eldest then wanted to do the other activities which included ‘Paint your own dinosaur wind chime’ and ‘create a fossil’ using pasta and bouncy clay (all provided in MyMessyBox). At this point it was tea-time and we didn’t get round to these other activities until Sunday. Daddy was home for these and the kids looked to be having a great time playing with the clay, squishing pasta and painting… another good 1-2 hours fun was had.

Would I recommend MyMessyBox? In a word YES

I say MyMessyBox is really good value for money. The idea of having something new to keep the kids entertained for 4 hours++ that YOU don’t have to organise – it just turns up on your door – every month – is priceless.

How much for MyMessyBox?

1 month ($34)
6 months + free basic toolkit ($192)
12 months + free premium toolkit ($360) – that’s less than a $1 a day!

The toys were ideal for my 4 and almost 3 year old. They particularly liked the dinosaurs themed box, and all the ‘equipment’ was suitable and safe for this age group. The activities/concepts/topics were stimulating as I had to explain fossils etc but at the same time simple enough for the kids to do with minimal help from me. The kids said they want another MyMessyBox to come in the post and at $30 a month on the annual subscription including delivery I do too!

MyMessyBox is a fun and original gift for a family. I think you would be very popular with any family you bought this for.

Thanks for reading this post – here are some special Reader Offers for you by MyMessyBox

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  • FREE downloadable Reward Chart and buttons by MyMessyBox when you sign up to their newsletter



9 thoughts on “Fun-in-a-box! Spark imaginative play the easy way with MyMessyBox

  1. This looks like loads of fun for little people (and parents!). And 4+ hours of entertainment gets a big thumbs up in my book 😉


  2. Great idea. My eldest daughter loves anything she can get her hands on and anything messy is always a plus. Anything that gets her outdoors is always good.


  3. We love to play imaginary games like setting up an ice-cream shop, making ice-cream using play dough and then doing a role playing as the buyer and shop assistant 🙂


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