Infoband that kid! How to make sure your kids don’t get lost even if they wander off…


Every parent’s nightmare…. your child goes missing in a busy shopping mall. Thank goodness it is usually just a case of curious and confident toddler wandering off to get a better look at something.

Save yourself unnecessary heart ache and get your kids an Infoband.

Priced just under $10, the question is why the hell wouldn’t you???

Simple to use
You write your mobile number on the band and your child wears it out and about. Infoband comes in a variety of girl and boy designs, they are comfortable for kids, waterproof, and  can’t be removed one handed by kids (or by me!). Any well meaning adult that finds your child looking lost, can simply call the mobile number and everyone breathes a BIG sigh of relief.

I bought my Infobands from the kids gift store on 2nd level, The Grandstand, Turf City. They have some great other stuff in there too… 😉


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