Mad Hatters, Giant Eggs and why Jesus is just like pancakes (…and a meal plan)

easter hats

Behold, the little folk and I have been crafting Easter hats and I am mighty pleased with the result. What started as fun ‘homework’ for the eldest for preschool became my craft obsession! I created pin boards. I had plans! BIG plans! There were moments of excitement, joy, a little bit of rage, and then tenderness. Blue Easter bunny (left hat) didn’t weather the storm as middle son decided he was scary, and was better off with his bunny eyes, ears and face removed. His hat, his choice. It pained me to see my, I mean his, artistic creation being defaced but I am learning to let go. Queue music…”Let it Goooooo….” I think I have found the Frozen music video for the dads here…

You’d think I’d had enough art this week, painting a Giant Easter Egg and all. BTW, please vote for my giant Easter egg on FB if you haven’t yet. Read how to vote here, any cash prize we win will be donated to charity! 

handpainted giant easter egg

Pitter Chatter Playgroup Egg

Gosh, so much to share with you this week, I went to West Coast Fruit and Vegetable wholesale market – brilliant! If you can get there I thoroughly recommend the produce, affordable and great quality. Just dodge the speeding pallet loaders! I hosted a free Bread Baking workshop at my house and picked up some new ideas for breads. And I have been drooling over cake recipes in prep for my littlest one’s 1st Birthday later this week. Sally’s Baking Addiction Lemon and Blueberry Layer Cake is the front runner. You gotta check out this cake porn…keep scrolling, honestly you HAVE to see this….

And Jesus is just like pancakes, because… my eldest was trying to get her head around religion (at 4???!). I brought it back to food. “You know Aunty Vanessa doesn’t like pancakes, but, you lurvvve pancakes?”…”yes”…”Well some people believe that Jesus was a real man and love him a lot, like you and pancakes,… and some people don’t think Jesus was real and the story about Jesus was just a nice story”.

And so, from religion, to pancakes, to meal plans!

day one – Pork & Sweet Potato Nonya Curry (using the chicken nonya recipe)
day two – Lamb Chops and Bruschetta
day three – Ratatouille & Bacon Pasta
day four – Prawn and Chicken Paella
day five – mum’s night off, 1st birthday cake to cook!

Sally's Baking Addiction 'Lemon & Blueberry Layer cake'

Sally’s Baking Addiction ‘Lemon & Blueberry Layer cake’


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