The Next, Best Thing for Baby….Four Cow Farm Baby Skincare Range

Four Cow Farm logo Singapore
The view from Four Cow Farm, Blackall Mountain Range South East Queensland, Australia.

The view from Four Cow Farm, Blackall Mountain Range South East Queensland, Australia.

four cow farm logo

A few years back, life-long friends of my parents moved to Australia from Singapore and started a homestead; Four Cow Farm (four cows, no bull!).

Winnie, a former midwife, started making washes and lotions for her grandchildren who suffered from sensitive skin and eczema. Well, what started as a grandmother’s labour of love has turned into a baby skincare range and it is going from strength to strength. Four Cow Farm is with over 40+ retailers in Singapore, as well as in Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Taiwan and United States. They also have a Singapore online store, so you can order all their goodies from home too.

Four Cow Farm Dry Skin Trio

Dry Skin Trio (Large), sale price $93.90

AND you can be sure every ingredient in Four Cow Farm products has been super, super vetted and is gentle on babies skin. C’mon, we’re talking about Winnie’s own grand kids here!

The range is superb for all babies, and even adults with dry or sensitive skin. My dad who is clearly a big baby is an advocate for the Baby Wash. I buy it for him from ‘Love For Earth’ at Holland Village and pass it to him when he is passing through Singapore.

Baby Kit by Four Cow Farm

Gift packs for babies too, UP $57.50

At present all of the products are hand-made by ‘Nanna’, at the farm using 100% green energy. The herbs are picked from the garden and other materials sourced locally from suppliers they know and trust.

Shamefully I only recently tried the products – despite dad intermittently piping up about the Baby Wash for a good few years (!). I just hadn’t got round to it. BUT, having finally done so I have to say they are fab! They are gentle, the kids like them, they smell good but not too strong… and it’s great using something made by someone I know. I even have a child who suffers from eczema so they are really perfect for my kids. Day three using the products and Adam’s eczema is already looking calmer and less irritated than it does when I use Johnson & Johnson’s.

The Four Cow Farm No List

The entire range is made from premium food-grade ingredients, including the preservatives and emulsifiers! Four Cow Farm products never contain any:
• Parabens
• Propylene glycol
• Sulphates (SLS/SLES/ALS)
• Cocamidopropyl betaine
• Artificial fragrances/colours
• Synthetic detergents
• Petrochemicals
• Mineral oils
• Lanolin
• Chlorinated water
• Phthalates


You can also pick up some tips on how to care for baby’s sensitive skin or eczema from Four Cow’s website. Here is one such guide: the Four Cow Farm Guide to Treating Toddler Eczema . What super nice helpful people they are at Four Cow Farm. Thanks guys!

Calendula Balm Four Cow Farm

100g Calendula Balm, UP$31.30. A deeply rich and emollient handcrafted balm for soothing dry, sensitive, inflamed or irritated skin.



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