Friday’s Nonya Chicken Curry Recipe

Nonya chicken curry

Elaine’s Nonya Chicken Curry


This is the recipe I’m going to be trying tomorrow. Will keep you posted on how it turns out. I have made up a slight deviation aleady which is, lemongrass chicken stock to use for extra liquid. I have taken yesterdays’ roast chicken carcass boiled up with onion, celery, lemongrass, green chilli and few cloves of garlic. I forgot I had it on the hob and I was wondering what delicious dish my neighbour was cooking!! All bodes well.

Nonya Chicken Curry | Nomsies Kitchen –

The update…man oh man. It tasted sooooo damn good! As I usually go off piste with recipes, this curry was much the same. I didn’t have coconut milk to hand so used coconut oil to fry up the spices and evaporated milk later on. I also didn’t have fennel in my herb cupboard but I do have Chinese Five spice which contains star anise, so used that instead. It smelt and tasted fantastic and I will definitely be making it again. Key ingredient in this curry is the star anise or fennel, it is what sets it apart from Indian or Thai curries.

jar of coconut oil, evaporated milk and chinese five spice

My supplementary ingredients…


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