Superhero Diaper Mom… boldly goes where no man dares (plus meal plan ideas!)

“Code Red” is called quite a lot in our house when making diaper changes amusing for our two-year old boy. Adam insists on “code brown” which is probably more appropriate on reflection. An afternoon spent at home chilling today – which has become a bit of a necessity with the kids starting pre-school and infant school now. It doesn’t take much to trigger an afternoon’s meltdown born of exhaustion (and that’s just me). I remember cheering as an 18-year-old that I would never again have to get up for school – how naive I was! So the weekdays and weekends have that familiar distinction again for us, but somehow the weekend lie in hasn’t quite returned. So steering my ramblings back to food, I have noticed that enough (or not enough!) sleep, food and water to drink (especially in Singapore) have a huge role to play in keeping the kids balanced physically and emotionally. There still aren’t enough hours in the day to always keep on top of all three but I’m trying!

So this week’s meal plan…

Roasted Sea bass, vegetables with pasta in tomato and oregano sauce
Pancakes (breakfast) and, Lemon Chicken, rice and green leafy veggies
Damn tasty burgers, oven wedges followed by chocolate ice cream – it’s my birthday!
Stuffed Cannelloni with Spinach and Cottage Cheese
Chicken Nonya Curry

diaper mom


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