My Sedap Singapore Meal Plan

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I must confess some of the meals in this week’s plan I may not be wholly responsible for cooking!

So who’s the fine looking lady you are asking? I could lie, but I won’t. It isn’t me. But it is what my hair will look like tomorrow, yay. It is important to look stylish at all times (hah) even when cooking.

I am being kind to myself this week – it has been a busy one already and it’s only Tuesday. My washing machine has broken down, which completely sucks when you have three children aged four and under who soil their clothes with reckless abandonment. On the plus side, I will be regaining some sense of style, and as if that wasn’t enough to make me smile, my big sister and family are coming to stay this weekend (who live in another country usually – woohoo). So, I shall be busy baking lots of lovely bread for the weekend, and be cooking up a storm of cakes and treats for their stay. So not much time left for regular meal cooking, between baking and looking uber glamorous!

Monday (or day one) – Roasted sea bass in Heng’s Nonya sauce, rice and corn on the cob
Tuesday – Mee Goreng with added veggies and less chilli for the kids
Wednesday – Ginger and Honey Stir Fried Pork with sweet potato, rice and garlic broccoli
Thursday –  Ayam (Chicken) Curry with fresh condiments, mango chutney and rice
Friday – Beef rendang with green leafy veggies

Top Tip for moms with little kids – Stock up your freezer
For those days when I cook something too spicy or way out for the kids taste buds, I have a freezer stocked with kid friendly food like fish fingers, leftover casseroles, mini sausages, bolognese and soups. So I don’t have to cook two different dinners, just cook one, defrost one!


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