“Yes Luke, I am your feeder “…(meal plan)

Traditional chocolate cake

It’s January and everyone is blogging about detoxing, eating healthy, exercising more, running faster and so on.  A bit like a lemming, I too plan to walk my ass off on the buggy school run and during mommy ‘downtime’ bounce my butt off on the kids new 13 ft trampoline. However, my fitness goal is more to do with the fact I’ve stopped breastfeeding (my baby, not me personally – eeuuww) and the pounds are looming…

The new school buggy run is very pleasant for the most part. There’s a nasty hill at the end but thankfully I can just make it up to the school without any audible grunting. At 8am it’s still relatively cool, I get to peek in the driveways of the monster-mansions of my prosperous neighbours, Adam and I discuss the news of the day (or sometimes just trains and the moon) and there is the chance of monkeys. And who knows my butt might be a fraction firmer because of it. Stranger things have happened.

However as you enlightened people know, there is no Yang without Yin. So to balance out all this carb-burning New Year’s activity I have a meal plan from the dark side. Yes Luke, I am your feeder.

Oh So Easy Chocolate Cake – click here for recipe
Sticky Ribs, Potato Salad and veggie of your choice (or not)
Coconut & Mango Crumble  – recipe to follow later next week
Nonya (Malaysian Chilli Paste) Baked Fish with Rice and Garlic Long beans
Meatballs in Home-Made Tomato and Basil Sauce with Spaghetti

Coconut Crumble - with Apple and Mango filling

My delightfully tropical Coconut & Mango Crumble

Did I mention some of the above are desserts or cakes?  But note, they offer more than enough calories to keep you going. Plus you are all big enough (sorry, is that a sore point after Christmas?)..and beautiful enough, to make sure your get your veggies.


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