Elaine with fish on head and in pie

Elaine wearing fish hatHappy New Year everyone!

So you can see, I have started 2015 looking as grown up as usual. This beautiful hat is in fact on my head, although I realise it looks a little like I have been strung up with our Christmas cards and seasonal toddler art/paraphenalia.

New Year’s day was pretty mellow in our house, a bit of bread baking (yes, home-baked bread – as good as white bread from Meppershall bakery for those in the know!)…. a trip to the playground, followed by a delishy fishy pie.

It turned out to be a sweet potato topped pie as my fridge and our supermarket had both run out of regular spuds. Luckily it was pretty tasty. Middle boy inhaled it (!), big sis prodded it a few times before proclaiming she liked it, and mini boy didn’t say much, but then he is only 10 months. Xander and I liked it too, so win win. I used frozen pollock and salmon, both relatively affordable from NTUC fairprice and based it on a recipe from Rick Stein’s Seafood Odyssey. Best of all we chased it down with a half Apple Strudel from our local Ritz Apple Strudel. Only 11 more halves and we get our free strudel – woohoo!! Although Xander is on a health kick so might be some serious strudel eating from me for the next few months!


A bread beauty! The best loaf I have ever baked no lie.

Having fallen off the meal planning wagon over the christmas period (and I was on holiday so I’m not being hard on myself ;)… I’m doing my best to get back on. So here is my first weekly meal plan for 2015…drumroll…..

Monday – Roasted Pesto Chicken Breasts with Mashed Potato and Green Beans
Tuesday – Ricotta, Spinach & Aubergine Parmigiano
Wednesday – Sausages, Jacket Potato & Salad
Thursday – Roasted Salmon with Cheese Crunch Topping, Cauliflower Cheese, New Potatoes and peas
Friday – One Pot Fridge Clear out Soup with home-made bread


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