Week 10 Meal Plan

Image courtesy of TimeOut Dubai

Image courtesy of TimeOut Dubai

Hello Everyone – sorry for the radio silence….was busy having a holiday in Dubai.  Very sandy as you might expect, but best of all I got to see both my sisters, brothers-in-law, and nephews.  We even had Christmas Mark 1 and we ate one of my homemade Guinness, Treacle & Ginger Christmas Puddings – Yum!

My little girl announced the best bit about the holiday was her 5 year old cousin James. Ahhh.

A slight mish-mash this week for the meal plan courtesy of a supermarket shop done on 1 hour of sleep. You gotta love night flights and jet lag….

Monday – Bursting with Veggies Bolognese Lasagna
Tuesday – Black Bean Chilli with Rice and Greek Yogurt  (V)
Wednesday – Ginger and Soy Salmon with Garlic Kai Lan and Rice
Thursday – Beef Stiffado and Homemade Gnocchi
Friday – Family Birthday so Chef’s Night Off!

The black bean chilli can be made almost entirely from store cupboard ingredients, so an easy and cheap mid-week meal packed with protein and fiber and low in fat.


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