“Out of my way…express coming through!”

A post about feeding little minds…

My children are obsessed by all things transport at the moment. In the main ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ and friends are the focus of their obsession, but cars, buses, cable cars, diggers and cement mixers are all reveered too.  Whilst there is definitely enough Thomas watching on the box (!)..the kids, to their credit, enjoy looking at books and having stories read to them.

The book above is one introduced in my 2 year old son’s music class. It’s a fantastic interactive book, lots of moving parts and great illustrations. Two other titles I just bought were Big Frog Can’t Fit In by Mo Willems and Wheels on The Bus by Paul O Zelinsky. They are pop up books too, and all the mums and dads in the class got their phones out to snap the cover page as an aide memoir…

So if you’re stuck for xmas pressie ideas…get one of these books. I guarantee you’ll enjoy reading them too!

If you are buying books in Singapore try www.bookdepository.com. They can get hold of most titles and reasonable pricing too.


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