Easy Cheesy Baked Potato Boats

Lots of good fibre and carbs, a jacket or baked potato is fabulous for kids and adults alike. And add some protein (beans, tuna, cheese or meat) and its GI rating comes down too.

A whole spud can be a bit daunting for kids, so I found serving it up in halves, already covered in melted cheese and flavoursome ground nutmeg makes it more appealing and less mess at the table. No graters lying around… Plus you can add peas and corn to the filling, and pre-mash the inside too…

How to prepare my Easy Cheesy Baked Spuds…..
As many spuds as you like, wash and scrub skin clean. I found Russet work best. Start off in microwave and cook potatoes till almost done. You can do this in oven too but it just takes longer. Half the spuds and place flesh side up in an oven proif dish.

For really soft spuds, scoop out insides and mash with splash of milk, and or cream cheese. You can stir in a handful of pre-cooked frozen peas or corn here too.


Non-mashed, slash the flesh of spud and add dob butter

If not mashing, simply slice a few diagonal lines into the potato flesh and dob some butter on each half. Season with ground nutmeg, sprinkle with grated cheese and pop in oven for 10-15 mins at 180 celsius.


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