Off Piste Picnics at Sunset

I dedicate this post to Priss and Vinegar who inspired me to relax the bath time mantra “thou shall bathe thy children at the annointed time or face the wrath of a tiresome two year old, and four year old, and 7 month old”. Whatever dude…we had fun.

AND…late afternoon is the best time temperature wise to hang out in Singapore’s playgrounds. Today we went for a scoot, swing and picnic tea. Yes, I confess, I didn’t stick to my meal plan, but I did use the roast chicken leftovers the other day. Okay?

As Mr X is out wining and dining tonight, the kids and I all had ‘dinner’ at lunch time. Ginger and Honey Pork, Sweet Potato and Kai Lan stir fry (even bubba). The kids ate the Kai Lan, a local green leafy veggie, aka kid kryptonite, so let’s hear it for the marinade! Recipe to follow.

I do this swopping of our main meal to midday, quite a lot now as it suits us better. Much to the amusement of one of my friends who wanted a glossary for decoding my English references to tea, lunch, dinner, pudding, dessert and snacks. Let’s just say I eat often! Mr X with his home office couldn’t be happier. Except I suspect he is hoping for a second hot home-cooked meal. No chance mate. At noon the kids are more alert and eat better then, I am more alert and cook better then (!), and it frees us up for guilt free teas out. In singapore local kids seem to go to bed quite late so lots of activities including eating out, take place from 6 or 7pm. As long as you don’t mind pushing back the occasional bath time it works well. So far, our late afternoon excursions have included Singapore Cable Car picnics, West Coast picnics, and the Night Safari. I just wish my old neighbour Theresa (a late afternoon playground and ice lemon tea officionado) still lived near enough to join us now I’ve got my s**t organised. C’est la vie.


In singapore food can be bought everywhere but if you are picnicking some handy snacks I’d suggest… sandwiches..and the king of is..peanut butter…they stick together well, less filling falling out and kids fav. Other fillings include soft cheese and strawberry jam, grated cheese and ham. I always throw in grapes or bananas, kids crisps, milk to drink in little cartons with straws (an exotic treat)  and water, as it is always a sweaty day here. Today I took along a defrosted pot of homemade strawberry, pear and rice bubba food, and bedtime bottle for bubba too.


Kids had a great time, so did I. Two were bathed and in bed by 8.30pm, the middle monkey did a bit of yoyo bedtime, but is now asleep with his train snoring contentedly. 9.33pm. Peace and quiet and cold beer. Not a bad days mothering.



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