My chicken curry smells f***ing AWESOME!


I discovered fresh lime leaves (approx $2) in the supermarket a few weeks ago and decided to try make up a few dishes… yesterday I cooked lime and coconut pomphret, delicious, so today tried my version of Thai Green Curry. It smells amazing if I do say so myself!

I fried approx 4 cm chunk of grated ginger, 2 grated cloves garlic and 1 large green chilli. Added some precooked chicken on bone (leftovers…), added approx 250ml coconut cream mix with water, pinch salt, tsp chilli powder and a sprig of lime leaves. Lid on and simmer. 20 mins later….ahhhh.

Here’s pic of fish pre-oven which I roasted in oven in same sauce plus coriander chopped. And yes, it still had it’s head and tail on you lilly livers! C’mon this is Singapore!


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