Toddlers Cook Food, Toddlers Eat Food!

Dora Little Cooks magazine cover

I only recently started cooking with my kids – mainly as a way to entertain them in the afternoon when it is too hot in Singapore for them to play outside, or the baby is sleeping. We started with cupcakes and banana pancakes, and now they get involved with pretty much anything. The more blenders, choppers and mixers involved the better.

I have also found the more they help, the more different types of food they eat. There are other benefits to cooking with them;

  • straight forward bonding time between them and me
  • improving their dexterity as they scoop, pour, whisk, and mix
  • learning about weights and measures and general literacy
  • learning about foods, their names and what they do to help our bodies (or harm if too much is eaten!


I discovered much to my daughter’s delight that there is a Dora Little Cooks magazine (I bought it at  Villa Market@Tanglin Mall). We have cooked the Tuna and Sweet Potato Fishcakes which were really tasty and the kids ate them all up. I have previously served the kids canned tuna and sweetcorn and both were rejected outright. However, it seems this recipe gave them just the right treatment to be palatable! Click on the link above for the recipe.



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