Salmon Nicoise a la Elaine

Calling this a ‘recipe’ is a bit of a stretch as it tends to be more of a pile up of what’s in my fridge! All, and any raw salad vegetables go in, olives, sun dried tomatoes, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds – topped with a grilled salmon fillet and a hard boiled egg. The first time I made this dish I was pregnant with my daughter and  on a mission to eat the most nutritious meal imaginable. I also had gestational diabetes so wanted a filling meal, high in protein and nutrients, but low in carbs. It was perfect and I am sure all that fish did my brain-box daughter the world of good!

Sometimes I add boiled new potatoes, not always.

A salad within the salad I include is grated carrot, apple and raisins with Italian salad dressing stirred through.

The only consistent elements for this recipe are the fillet of salmon drizzled with oil, seasoned and grilled, and the hard boiled egg, halved and served with an anchovy fillet on top. I always try to buy wild salmon – it is darker and has more flavour than farmed salmon and I am sure the healthier and more natural alternative to farmed fish.

Enjoy creating your own Salad Nicoise Au Saumon!


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