How To Keep Your Supermarket Shop on Budget…ScanToGo

In a nutshell – use ScanToGo! I started using this scan as you shop system at NTUC at Bukit Timah Plaza and its brilliant.


  • You can see exactly how much you are spending per item and with a running total….uh uh…put that Haagen Daz back, better get the NTUC branded ice-cream!
  • The kids love it and it keeps them amused and not bickering for at least 15 minutes
  • There is never a queue at the checkout – it hasn’t caught on yet which is great news for us in the know
  • Its fun – okay, I’m a big kid
  • Reduce plastic bag waste – you can pack it straight into your own bags in your trolley. Best of all frozen/chilled food goes straight in my cool bags and stays frozen. A big plus in sunny Singapore.


  • If you miss an item (honest mistake!) they will need to rescan everything, unpack, repack…

I found this great article online at all about how ScanToGo works. Weirdly enough Daniel shops at the same supermarket as me. Singapore is a small island! Thanks Daniel for your great article.


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